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1. Decide to go

Studying abroad sounds awesome, but is it a best option for you. It might be time to do more honest soul searching before you decide. The truth is, studying abroad is a unique, opportunity to try something else as well as grow your lifestyle, and it also comes with some adventure challenges such as being out of your well-being zone and away from family and friends.

2. Where to go

There are so many places to select from when deciding where you want to study abroad that it can always be an overwhelming choice.

It’s time to decide when you want to study abroad in your liked study country. Typically, it’s best time to decide when you plan to go foreign at least nine months to one year ahead of time, if not more.

3. Select course

Now you have finally decided where and when you go to study abroad, it’s right time to select course. From summer study abroad journeys to semester-long and full academic year programs, there are many types of course to choose from as you decide which is perfect for you.

4. Admission Process

Admission process for studying abroad takes more time .It is important to start the admission process because in many times application deadlines are far in advance of the start of the semester .Each college or university creates its own unique policies.

5. Visa Process

Most important document student must submit passport when you apply for a study visa your passport is identity proof that you are a citizen of your country. Your study visa is stamped inside it. Make sure that your passport is valid for minimum six months before traveling.